How do we test body parts?

Real vehicles are used at our quality control center. We replace the OE part and fit the one we are testing. This allows us to get the best possible results in comparing.

We judge:

  • accuracy of shape
  • fitment
  • accuracy of mounting points
  • We measure:

  • strength of the material (thickness))
  • surface treatment
  • weight
  • Just a better testing…

    Thanks to our quality control center, we received the ISO 17020 certificate (conformity assessment).

    How do we test front lamps?

    We check:

  • luminous flux and distortion
  • tilting and el. control
  • shape and dimensions accuracy
  • sealing and humidity resistance
  • How do we test cooling parts?

    All Van Wezel certified radiators have endured this testing procedure:

  • underwater pressure benchmark test
  • flange fitting and mounting joints dimensions check
  • flow rate check
  • How do we test cooling fans?

    Complete fans are connected to special testing device, which exposes the part to the long-lasting applied load. During the test we control:
  • relevant performance values
  • noise and vibrations
  • accuracy of mounting points
  • How do we test A/C compressors?

    Another unique simulating device is used for compressor stress load tests.

    What we need to check?

  • correct function of regulating valve
  • measuring electromagnetic coil resistance
  • clutch contact surface
  • appointed pressure values
  • measuring flow capacity
  • checking sealing and vibrations
  • How do we test complete mirrors?

    Not only accuracy of shape and overall manufacturing quality, but also resistance to aerodynamic vibrations means something to us.

    We control:

  • whether main mirror frame and holders are metal, not just plastic
  • rigidity of glass holder
  • search for electrical circuit malfunctions
  • shape accuracy and overall quality of glass
  • How do we test window lifters?

    Lifters are mounted inside the simulation doors and connected to power. We are able to provide a long-term automated reliability testing feedback.

  • endurance test (2000 cycles)
  • noise and smooth mechanical function
  • How do we test oil pans?

    Contact surface must be perfectly manufactured - metrological flat metal desk and testing color helps us to ensure it really is.

    In comparison to OE oil pans, we also check accuracy of mounting points for:

  • drain screw
  • oil level sensor
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